The Human Spirit

Source: Simple Truths.
What It Takes To Be Number 1.
(Motivational Video)

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Believe in Yourself!

Steve Jobs left powerful messages for us before he died. I have copied one of my favorite messages on a link for you to listen.

Practice listening to yourself and not believe everything that you were told about how the world operates! Detach yourself from those who are negative or see the world from a limited and critical perspective. Find those who are like-minded like yourself and want a positive way of being, living and thinking. You can find strategies to move you toward your goals and succeed. Enjoy Steve’s motivational and inspirational message.

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Staying Positive

It is important to stay positive and maintain an attitude that brings optimism and success. A positive outloook is manifested by:

-thinking positively and seeing the good in things instead of what’s wrong with the situation;

-constructive thinking and brainstorming;

-incorporating and/or finding creative alternatives;

-being optimistic instead of critical and negative;

-maintaining your motivation

-focusing on your goal.

Take time to reflect, rethink your plan as you work towards your goal.  It may take time and learning, but with each day, each step you are moving towards the unfolding of your goal.  Enjoy the journey.  Enjoy the success!

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What critical things do you need for success?

Some people think success in terms of the money acquired, cars, big houses, vacations, good jobs, etc. These things come as a result of success but things are not success.  Success happens from the inside out. What is in the inside is what determines what you can achieve on the outside.  You don’t have tons of money to be successful, but being contented with what you bring to your life is what makes one feel successful.

Here are some things people have found to be critical in achieving success in their lives. Feel free to add your ideas to this list.

Doing what you enjoy.

Having a vision.  See it happening.

Setting clear goals and being clear in your purpose.

Having a  “I Can” attitude.  Persevering.   Keeping your mindset positive.

Taking action. Starting and taking small steps.  Going for it!

Thinking positively when faced with adversity.  Don’t give up.   Pay attention.  Use mentors, research resources to help you with what you are facing.  Is it time to review and replan to help you get to where you want to go?  Maybe the old plan has to be changed and a new strategy implemented to getting back on track.  Keep positive and keep moving toward your goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Keep focused.

Be with supportive and like minded people.

Keep your motivation up.

Mediate and vision your success every day.   Trust your intuition and know that you will achieve it.

Be grateful.  Pray.  Have Faith.  Find contentment.

What is your list of critical factors that lead to having a successful life?


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Just Do It!

Are you waiting for motivation or some opportunity to get started moving towards your goal(s)?   Do you find yourself distracted with other things that keep you from acting on your goals?   If you are stuck in this place, realize that it is only when you begin the process and see victories big or small, that your motivation really begins to take momentum.

Taking that first step is the first step in the new direction and it is the hardest but once it happens new energy presents itself.  In order to move forward, you just have to do it!  No excuses.  No barriers.  No procrastination.  Just do it!

When you hear yourself making excuses or telling yourself that you have to do more research, your are allowing your mind to get in the way.   Are you really in need of motivation?   No!  Are you in need of a plan of action and control of your mind?   Yes!!

Stop listening to your critic’s voice, get up and get going!  Just do it!  Enjoy the newness that you bring to yourself!


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Habits of Financially Successful People

In reviewing literature on financial success, there are specific habits people have that make them financially successful than others.  Here are some of the habits and patterns noted:

1.  Successful people surround themselves with positive people.  They spend their time with people who have a similar motivation and a can-do attitude.  They enjoy making things happen.

2.  Successful people have purpose and direction.  They have goals and act with purpose.  They align their daily actions with their goals.

3.  Successful people look for opportunities and possibilities.  Some people may say they are ‘lucky’ but these people create their own luck.  They move out of their comfort zones and don’t keep themselves stuck in situations.

4.  Successful people can adapt easily and are flexible.  They are not limited by fear, worry and self-doubt.  They grow and change over time and are open to varying view points.  They respond productively as they seek knowledge and experience.

5.  Financially successful people are not afraid of rejection or the word ‘no’.  They listen and believe in their own inner guidance system to guide them.  They can withstand the opinions of others.  Mistakes are not seen as failures but as stepping stones to success.  They learn from mistakes and are not discouraged.

6.  Successful people do what it takes and are not afraid of tasks that are difficult or challenging.  They are not procrastinators.

7.  Successful people manage their time efficiently.  They set their priorities and pursue them.  They have a plan, track their progress and take time to reflect and review their projects.

8.  Successfully financial people understand budgets, saving, investing, interest rates, expenses, debts etc.,  and can manage their money.  They understand that if they want bigger things in life that they have to do something different in order to bring in other streams of income.   Financially successful people invest in their future.  They have a good understanding about the keys to financial success.

9.   Successfully financial people are careful when making decisions. They take the time to do their research, pay attention to current trends, seek the advice and input of financial advisers and other professionals who specialize in certain areas.

10.  Successfully financial people are focused on their own goals and financial abilities.  They do not compare themselves to others and focus on keeping up with others.  Their focus is on the possible ways to increase their income that match their goals.  They do not waste their time focusing on what they don’t have.  They do not have limiting beliefs.  Rather, they think about ‘possibilities’ and look for financial opportunities.


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Daily Review of Your Goals

It is important to take time every day to take a look at your goals. Your goals are the things you want to focus on and bring into your life.

Some people write yearly, monthly, daily, weekly and long term goals.  The technique I recommend is to focus on your big goal(s) and your daily goals.  Make sure they are written down, and that you review them daily. Ask yourself “What can I do today to help achieve this goal?”  Carry a notebook/journal to make notes.

Goal setting sets energy in motion.  The key to the law of attraction is to visualize yourself as already having achieved your goals.  It is that positive energy you feel when you visualize that you have already achieved your goals that pushes you towards reaching your goals.

Keep your focus and energy level on the things you want otherwise you will attract what you don’t want.  Focusing on what you want, being in a state of gratitude and well being in what you have and what you have accomplished will bring far more good in your life and positive thinking to all your experiences.

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