Daily Review of Your Goals

It is important to take time every day to take a look at your goals. Your goals are the things you want to focus on and bring into your life.

Some people write yearly, monthly, daily, weekly and long term goals.  The technique I recommend is to focus on your big goal(s) and your daily goals.  Make sure they are written down, and that you review them daily. Ask yourself “What can I do today to help achieve this goal?”  Carry a notebook/journal to make notes.

Goal setting sets energy in motion.  The key to the law of attraction is to visualize yourself as already having achieved your goals.  It is that positive energy you feel when you visualize that you have already achieved your goals that pushes you towards reaching your goals.

Keep your focus and energy level on the things you want otherwise you will attract what you don’t want.  Focusing on what you want, being in a state of gratitude and well being in what you have and what you have accomplished will bring far more good in your life and positive thinking to all your experiences.

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