What critical things do you need for success?

Some people think success in terms of the money acquired, cars, big houses, vacations, good jobs, etc. These things come as a result of success but things are not success.  Success happens from the inside out. What is in the inside is what determines what you can achieve on the outside.  You don’t have tons of money to be successful, but being contented with what you bring to your life is what makes one feel successful.

Here are some things people have found to be critical in achieving success in their lives. Feel free to add your ideas to this list.

Doing what you enjoy.

Having a vision.  See it happening.

Setting clear goals and being clear in your purpose.

Having a  “I Can” attitude.  Persevering.   Keeping your mindset positive.

Taking action. Starting and taking small steps.  Going for it!

Thinking positively when faced with adversity.  Don’t give up.   Pay attention.  Use mentors, research resources to help you with what you are facing.  Is it time to review and replan to help you get to where you want to go?  Maybe the old plan has to be changed and a new strategy implemented to getting back on track.  Keep positive and keep moving toward your goals.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Keep focused.

Be with supportive and like minded people.

Keep your motivation up.

Mediate and vision your success every day.   Trust your intuition and know that you will achieve it.

Be grateful.  Pray.  Have Faith.  Find contentment.

What is your list of critical factors that lead to having a successful life?


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