Focus on the next step

As you begin applying the Law of Attraction to your goals and you take actions and find yourself that you are not moving in the direction of where you want to be, it is important to keep your confidence in tact.

Rather than dwelling on what’s not working, why is this happening, becoming frustrated and second guessing yourself, it is important not to draw conclusions which shakens your confidence. Once your confidence is shaken, doubt sets in and can be paralyzing.

Instead, it is important to acknowledge your awareness that may are not sure why all this is happening as you feel you are doing the right things.  Stop.  Focus on the end outcomes of your vision and take this time to realign yourself.

Then, chart your course of action that moves you to the outcomes of the vision you have of creating what you want.   The journey comes with teaching lessons that will  bring about learning that align with you what you want.  Stay confident about yourself, keep taking action in the direction you want to go, one step at a time, one day at a time.

The secret is the Law of Attraction.  See the outcomes of your goals and each day move toward your vision.  It may take some time, but it will happen according to the law.  You will see and experience what you are playing in your mind.  The law says that this is the nature of reality.  Life works on what you think about.  So, take a look at your end outcome and every day take action which moves you in the direction of your vision.


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Empty Your Rice Bowl

When Dalai Lama’s physican was asked to his key to happiness, he replied “Empty your bowl of yesterday’s rice.”  This means letting go of perceptions, ideas, beliefs, disappointments, mistakes, failures, hurts etc. that hinder you from looking at life in new ways.

We understand this mind attitude, but it takes practice being mindful of how you choose to think and think.  You CAN choose to think positively.  Thinking in a more positive way helps regulate and manage emotional health, shed new light on a difficult situation and helps to find joy throughout your day in whatever you are doing.

By making a concerted effort to take a positive outlook on life, you begin to shift out of a negative mindset.  The practice of making this shift will allow you to see possibilities instead of worries and obstacles.   It is a helpful tool to record your negative thoughts throughout the day in journal or diary format.  By having the date you can begin to challenge these thoughts and create healthier and empowering thinking patterns.  At the end of the day, reflect on the information your recorded about your thoughts, feelings/ emotions or why you had those thoughts.   Are there certain thoughts that keep coming to you each day?  Do you notice situations or events that may trigger negative thoughts and emotions?   Taking time to anyalyze your thinking pattern will help you improve and change to a more empowering way of thinking and support the changes you want to make for yourself.


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What are the differences between successful and unsuccessful mindsets?

Have you ever wondered why some people who are raised in the same family or are in the same working or education field grow and achieve different levels of success and achievement? 

Examine this picture:



Here is an example of two individuals having two different mindsets.  The two mindsets have distinct characteristics in terms of attitude, beliefs, goals and expectations and actions.  With a positive attitude and belief system, you can achieve your goals with the power of positive action.   Sure you will have challenges but you will meet them as you give attention to the things you want.

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Feelings are Energy

When something is occurring in your experience, pay attention to the emotion you are feeling.   Thoughts and emotions are your energy and indicator of what you are attracting in your life.  It is important to be aware of your feelings, thoughts and energy.

High vibrational energy is experienced when you are feeling good, empowered, living out your passion, contented, enthusiastic, surrounded by like minded people, optimistic, hopeful, etc.  Low vibrational energy occurs when you are experiencing the opposite – frustration, agitation, anger, boredom, loneliness, doubt, worry, overwhelmed, anxious, disappointed, jealous, revengeful, hateful, etc.  Can you see the difference between these two vibrational states and how it affects your motivation.   It is important to be aware of this and choose better thoughts and feelings to keep you in a healthy vibrational level.  The vibration you send out is a signal and the Law of Attraction says that whatever signal you are sending out, you will get more of that signal.

Everything is energy.  Your thoughts accompanied with feelings is energy and energy can be changed by changing your thoughts – shift the vibration.  Use your tools and stay connected to your power and stay on your path.




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Staying Positive

It is important to stay positive and not to give up when roadblocks get in your way.  It is natural to have up and downs but it is critical to train our thoughts to keep our focus, motivation and drive positive.  These are just experiences. Align thoughts with what is good.  If we tell ourselves that these outward experiences are difficult to overcome, then we perpetuate our lack of ability.  Conquer your mind first and believe good things come from situations.  

Develop strategies to help change negative thoughts, feelings and actions to a place that is calm and that you can regain a healthy focus.  Use your tools such as a gratitude journal, mediation, prayer, vision work to help your energy resonate in a positive direction.




I have two methods I use to help me to gain mastery over my thought life: 1) I keep a gratitude journal. Whenever negativity threatens my positive state of mind, I write statements of “I’m so grateful for ______” until I feel realigned with positive energy. Note: My fill-in-the-blanks are often the substance of my faith. In other words, I am thankful for the things I am yet appointed to receive. 2) I have a pine tree in my back yard that is full abundant with pine needles. When I need to, I go to look at it and experience the joyful feeling that comes with having more than enough. 

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Vision Plans

In order to achieve what you want, you need to clear about what you want.  You must be create a vision in your mind and add as much detail about what it is you desire.  This vision plan begins to set things in motion.  The more you envision and embrace it, action starts to unfold.  Some people create a strategic plan to take action on their vision.  Others, picture their vision and as they are open and aware to what they want, things start to unfold one step at a time.   Either way, your mind finds a way to activate your vision .  This law helps bring what you need.

Visual imagery and the ability to paint the picture(s) in your mind, your intentions can manifest it.  You need to think/believe, feel and see it happening.

If you tell yourself it won’t happen, or it will never happen to you, then it won’t.   You really need to see your vision in your mind and that it is going to happen.  As you begin to see ‘evidence’ of this law, you will now hold the secret of creating your reality.   It is a mindset.  A mindset is different than positive thinking.  The Law of Attraction states that what we think and focus on is what we attract in our lives.

A mindset is how we look at circumstances.  It is more of an attitude than thinking.  Some people see problems everywhere, others see opportunities.  It is important to be clear on what you want and matched to the beliefs you hold in your soul.

Analyze your thoughts throughout the day.  What do you think about?  What are you most focused on?  What thoughts are moving through your mind?  Are these thought aligned what the vision of what you want?  If there is disharmony, the law cannot help to bring your intention to reality.  This creates resistance or a block.  You have to be clear on what you want, feel it, see it and know it is there for you and nothing will stop you from receiving it.  Otherwise, it is just wishful thinking.

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Self Esteem and Success

There is a direct connection between your self esteem and success when using the Law of Attraction.  

Your self talk can bring you success or it can set you up for failure.  When you criticize, continually finding fault with yourself and downplay your accomplishments what you are creating is a negative mindset.  A negative mindset will get negative results.

When you want to make changes and move toward the things you want, you need to manage your self talk and change your mindset.  Success comes with using positive self talk.  Acknowledge your accomplishments, your ability, your confidence, your commitment, strength and other qualities you have creates successful results.

Change doesn’t happen over night.  With daily practice of new ways, it eventually becomes part of you.  Tell yourself, “I can do this” and you will, no matter what obstacles come along your way.   Remember, you are more powerful than your circumstances.

Feed your mind continually with positive self talk and messages and you think and act in more competent and capable ways.

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